message from CEO:

The leading world stars company, as a trading partner in the field of import and export, equipment, raw material tools, machinery and spare parts for oil, gas, petrochemical, automotive, mines and cement industries, is backed by expertise of specialized forces, commercial knowledge, infrastructure Software is seeking to gain reputation and accreditation and international trade.
Definition of a new range of specialized services to achieve organizational goals, along with retaining funds. Compared to other competitors, Star Trading's leading engineering company has begun to review the missions and adapt the organizational structure to the areas of excellence and service development. Provides its audience with fundamental developments
Hence, the company with specialization in different fields and the horizontal development of distinct activities are ready to cooperate and provide services in a variety of ways, including intellectual contributions and knowledge sharing, and believes that as a reliable business partner,it has the ability to draw Trust and expand business cooperation with our audience.

I appreciate the good relations between the company's business partners and with the full confidence of the company's profile and emphasize the principle of distinction as a unique feature and belief. I hope to be able to capture the areas of satisfaction and trust in the audience that is set We can provide more than ever from domestic manufacturers and domestic buyers and international partners.


                                                                                                                           Amjad Kamiar

Managing Director